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Electronic Design Service
7701 Zephyr Hills Way
Antelope, CA 95843
Phone: (650) 219-6467

Over 20 years of experience

When time, costs and results matter, enjoy the comfort of an experienced design team that will commit to getting dependable working results on time. BSEE Degree and strong physics, and math background, ensures complete an analytical understanding of your needs.

Standard Products

In the process of designing products for our clients, we have also designed some standard modules to able to be used for quick integration into a control system and as interfaces to various sensors. Listed below are some of these standard products along with details of their operation. These can be used as is or the designs can be modified for your specific needs.

Universal Basic Stamp Control Board Digital 256 K ohm Potentiometer with 256 incremental steps available in 1 ohm increments. Completely isolated for use with higher voltage offsets for isolation. Can be used in applications such as to control a triac in curtain industrial AC voltage control applications.
16 Channel Digital Input with Built in power regulator and CPU interrupt control.  8 Channel Relay Output Control Board 
This is an 8 channel A to D converter with 10 bits of resolution