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  • Client Consultations
  • Conceptual Design
  • Project Costing
  • Schematic Design
  • CAD Schematic Layout
  • CAD PCB Design & Layout
  • PCB first Article assembly
  • Prototype Construction
  • Testing & Verifications
  • Embedded Processor Prgramming


Electronic Design Service
7701 Zephyr Hills Way
Antelope, CA 95843
Phone: (650) 219-6467

Over 20 years of experience

When time, costs and results matter, enjoy the comfort of an experienced design team that will commit to getting dependable working results on time. BSEE Degree and strong physics, and math background, ensures complete an analytical understanding of your needs.


Digital and Embedded:

We focus our efforts on the Parallax Propeller Chip as it is one of the most capable Chips on the market. Very low chip cost, combined with high clock speed, and 8 processors running 8 Simultaneous tasks, and are ideal solution for embedded Control. Specializing allows rapid, low cost, and fast and dependable development. Software Development for High performance Design using assembly language is Available as well as high level languages. An applications library of hundreds of preprogrammed applications, and devices Ensure the lowest cost, fastest and, proven Designs.

Analog Design:
A few examples of what we design ae:

  • Analog control systems
  • High voltage systems
  • High impedance as in electrometers
  • Power supplies
  • mixed analog digital devices A to D, D to A
  • Imbedded Control systems
  • Motion control.
  • and much much more.

PCB Design and Layout:
We design Surface Mount PCB designs Through Hole PCB designs CAD layout for SMT and through hole we produce standard Gerber files for easy PCB Production.