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Electronic Design Service
7701 Zephyr Hills Way
Antelope, CA 95843
Phone: (650) 219-6467

Over 20 years of experience

When time, costs and results matter, enjoy the comfort of an experienced design team that will commit to getting dependable working results on time. BSEE Degree and strong physics, and math background, ensures complete an analytical understanding of your needs.

Sensors & Outputs

Our company specializes in intelligent electronics design. We can integrate hundreds of different kinds of sensors to control whatever kind of device you want. We will design, debug, lay out circuit boards and or deliver finished products to you, ready to do the job you want. We can design your electronic product for you to sell or for you to use. Whether it is in-house machine control or a product, we can rapidly design and build it for you.

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Examples of Logic Controller

We can use low cost basic language imbedded controllers for the really small projects such as this Parallax Basic Stamp Chip. Or for somewhat more complex projects 60 MHz ARM7 CPU, Popular Arduino form factor, BASIC compiler, or pre-configured ANSI C compiler , 21 IOs plus serial interface, 7 10bit A/Ds, 8 Hardware PWM channels, 2 UARTs.

Examples of output devices

  • LCD Displays of any size

  • LCD Displays of any size

  • LCD Displays of any size

  • Examples of Input sensors

  • Gas Sensors of All types

  • Gyroscope

  • Blue Tooth Wireless

  • 433 Mhz Rf Wireless

  • Temperature Sensors

  • Rf Motion Detection

  • Three Axis Accelerometer

  • Liquid level Sensors

  • Humidity Sensors

  • Force sensors

  • RFiD Tag